Implementing Lesson Study Summary

Monday - Friday, July 5 - 9, 2010

Monday 7/5/10
Guest-Debra Alcox (we will be borrowing her students for our lesson study) Thanks!
We started by giving Debra Alcox an update of what we were planning to do. She told us more about her class and the diversity of students. She also suggested that we put some things on Skiing since her students could relate to this topic. We continued refining our tasks in our groups. We all did task 1 as Kim led us through it. This was a fun experience. We found some things that we need to fix. Terminology was a big part of this discussion in giving the instructions. We also did task 2 with Tim as the teacher. This was also a great activity. The students will enjoy the manipulating of the cards. We finished up our tasks and we will start working on the lesson plan tomorrow.

Tuesday 7/6/10
Today we continued working on the tasks to make sure they were ready for our lesson on Thurs. We also worked on changing task three so that we would not have any opinion questions. We have decided to meet tomorrow to continue working on the lesson plan and draw the name of the person to teach the lesson.

Wednesday 7/7/10
Today we meet to go over the lesson through from start to end. There were a lot of things that we decided to change. We have chosen who will teach the lesson. The lucky one is Mark!

Thursday 7/8/10
Today we taught the lesson to eight of the PCMI participants. Thank you! The lesson was taught by Mark. He did a great job and was well prepared. Everyone had their own tasks for observing.
Wendy - student's engagement
Sam and Rina - misconceptions
Tim - clarity of the tasks
Kim - timing of the tasks

After the lesson was over we debriefed the lesson. First Mark talked about he felt the lesson went, then we went around the group and talked about what we all noticed worked/ didn't work. We also looked at the student's work. To read the transcript of the debrief look at debrief page.

Friday 7/9/10
We talked about the misconception that we saw in our practice lesson about the Euler Diagram. We needed to discuss the regions within a set and the outside of the sets. We need to continue to address the Mathematics of the Euler Diagram. We looked at our goals and discussed whether we met our goals. We worked on revising the goals, without changing the goals. A suggested change was working on the post assessment. Also suggested was working on the gallery walk and the purpose of doing this task. We have updated tasks one and part of two after long discussion.

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