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For almost 20 years, the Math Forum has been at the forefront of math education, tackling the challenges of teachers, schools and school districts head on. We are the world's leading online mathematics education community, and our mission is clear: To help teachers teach and help students learn.
Suzanne: introduction
Craig: noticing/wondering activity
Suzanne: debriefing of the activity
Craig: highlights of the Math Forum site
Suzanne: how to join the Math Forum community
Problems of the Week Scenario Samples
Rolling Triangle [Problem #3375] Scenario || Scenario2
Bracelet Craze [Problem #1013] Scenario
Snail's Trail [Problem #5247] Scenario
Filling Glasses [Problem #5104] Scenario || Scenario2 || Rubric || Problem
tPoWs (free but require login)
Technology Problem of the Week
Traffic Jam
Heads and Tails
Problems of the Week Memberships
Compare features
What Ignites the Math Forum?
Max Ray: Why 2 > 4: A Proof by Induction
Steve Weimar: Why Did You Do That?
Annie Fetter: Ever Wonder What They'd Notice?
Resource Links
Join the Conversations at the Math Forum
Free Online Resources
Mastering the Common Core Mathematical Practices Through Problem-Solving Strategies
Problem Solving and Communication Activity Series
Writing to Develop Understanding: The Math Forum @ Drexel's PoWs
Problem Solving-It Has to Begin with Noticing and Wondering
Think You Don't Have Time to Use the PoWs?
Sample Teacher Packets
Primary PoW Packet: How Many Berries Did I Eat?
Math Fundamentals PoW Packet: Mr. Lincoln's Line
Pre-Algebra PoW Packet: A Pound of Valentine's Chocolates
Algebra PoW Packet: Math Club Mystery
Geometry PoW Packet: Extending the Enneagon


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