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Building Functions: Professional Development for Teachers
Craig Russell*, Anna Fox
This activity is designed to assist departments or other groups of math teachers to become familiar with the structure and notation of the Common Core State Standards-Math. We focus specifically on the standards in the "Building Functions" domain within the Functions conceptual category. We include a Powerpoint and facilitator guide for a 2-hour professional development session and example tasks tied to the individual "Building Functions" standards. Activities in the professional development session include relating previously-used standards to the CCSS-M Building Functions standards and identifying application of the "mathematical practices" through example tasks related to building functions.
Common Core Function Thread
Ashli Black*
A visual guide to Functions through K-8 as outlined in the Common Core Standards to provide teachers with an understanding of how the topic develops. Information is organized by grade vs domain for K-8 with each box representing a cluster associated with the development of functions. In addition, the high school Function standards are laid out in a similar visual manner for teacher review. This guide was created using Prezi, a free, interactive presentation software that allows users to interact with the information by zooming in and out to move between details and overview. Additional content, examples and assessment ideas can be layered in and amongst the threads.
Rubric for Mathematical Practices
Danielle Maletta, Mimi Yang and Mariam Youssef*
This rubric intends to provide feedback on the content and delivery of a lesson through the lens of the Standards for Mathematical Practices. It translates the 8 desired Mathematical Practices, as outlined by the Common Core, into 1) features by task and 2) teacher actions. The rubric is more comprehensive than any teacher could accomplish on an individual day. Instead, teachers should focus on accomplishing one or two Mathematical Practices each day and using the suggested guidelines to provide feedback on their instructional choices. An accompanying supplemental document clarifies the outlined goals and provides additional resources for the implementation of those goals.
Functions that Bite
Kate Nowak, Sarah Lewis*, Cuong Duy
This lesson is intended to exemplify the eight mathematical practices described in the Common Core Standards. We have included an analysis of the lesson according to the rubric developed by others in the Functions Working Group. The lesson itself will motivate and facilitate understanding of the structure that underlies an exponential model. Students view an animation of a vampire infecting a population. By exploring a series of questions, students in small groups develop a table, equation, and graph. An optional handout and optional extension questions are provided for differentiation.

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