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The conversations we've had these 3 weeks are only the beginning! Please share the ways you would like to continue the conversation.

Step One
Completing the online form -- we removed the direct link on July 31 but let us know if you'd like access to it. Just email Suzanne.
Step Two
View this page [requires generic login] to access the Continuing Professional Connections Google Doc to view your information and the information of others.
Step Three
Use the accumulated information on the Continuing Professional Connections Google Doc to launch, develop, and continue conversations. Also consider some of the suggestions listed below.

Possible Methods

Phone or Text
Exchange phone numbers before leaving PCMI.
Remember a face but not a name? Find the photo here: Participants' Photos. Once you've located his/her name, find the email on E-mail Addresses
Create a Twitter account.
Easiest would be to have someone here help you get started but there's also online help, including
Newbie's guide to Twitter - Rafe Needleman
Twitter Guide Book - How To, Tips, and Instructions by Mashable
How to Use Twitter - YouTube by Howcast
Here's a handy link to make shortened URLs: Bitly. There are others, too.
Other Social Media
PCMI Participants' Blogs
list of math twitterers/bloggers as a place to start (some PCMI but others, too)
Google+ (including Hangouts)
Teacher2Teacher (T2T®)
Free peer-mentored question-and-answer service from the Math Forum. Gail Englert has been a T2T Associate since 1998. Jodie Olivo, Bill Thill, and Shaffiq Welji are new T2T Associates.
PCMI Discussions [private]
Professional Associations including amtnys, nyselmath, nysmsmath, nyshsmath, nyscollmath, nysmhs, nysmmn, ncsm-members
Ask Suzanne
Looking for something on either the PCMI@MathForum site or The Math Forum site and just can't find it? Send Suzanne email and she'll respond ASAP.

Some Resources

Use the left sidebar links to access Class Notes, Project Abstracts, Morning Shorts, Site Map, etc.
The Committee on Teachers as Professionals (c-TaP)
Scroll down the page and note that there is a page of Resource Links.
The Math Forum
Suzanne's page, A Brief Intro to Math Forum Resources is a starting point. In particular, check the Tour links at the bottom of the page.


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