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Monday, July 16th session

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FENCES -- a mental math / order of operations game
Gail Engert
Do you ever have a few minutes left in the class period, but not enough time to start anything new? Do you have any students who might benefit from a little mental math practice? This might be the game for you!
Mathematical Modeling and Discovery Projects: Experiences, Examples, and Challenges
Shaffiq Welji
I will describe my experiences working with two specific types of projects: those involving the creation and development of a mathematical model and those in which students investigate a mathematical situation to discover and prove a mathematical rule. I have built upon my experiences from the International Baccalaureate. I plan to share some of my examples, my grading rubrics, and my challenges.
A Graphic Organizer for Polynomial Functions
Donna Young
Have you ever been frustrated by the way text books present the theorems and problems related to polynomial functions? I was. I will share with participants one way in which I have been able to help students see the connectedness instead of just being overwhelmed by all of these theorems and directions presented as a list of things to know.
Rational Tangles
Aziz Jumash
The Rational Tangles activity is an activity with two ropes where, given a specific set of operations, students can create various knots that correspond to some rational number. The activity can be used at the beginning of a school year as a team building exercise as well as a more focused lesson dealing with such mathematical concepts as operations with rational fractions, Euclidean algorithm, division by zero, composition of functions, and others.
Monica Tienda is a website by Jessica Hagy. She tends to use a lot of math diagrams and charts to make relational connections. It's a fun way to see the world thru a math lens, without doing actual math.
AlgebraTouch App
Tina Cardone
I used this iPad app with my students with severe learning disabilities. It is a great practice program for anyone working on simplifying expressions and solving equations.

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