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Middle School
Ashli Black, Frederick Dillon, Gail Englert, Aaron Orzech, Donna Rishor, Samantha Rose
The MS group has adopted the architecture of the Elementary Toolkit as their guiding framework. The MS toolkit will be built around four primary goals, with the work divided across the four group members: Acquaintance with the 8 Practices, Seeing the Structure of the Progressions in the Content Standards, Becoming Attentive to Vocabulary in the Standards, and Gauging and Adjusting Cognitive Load in Tasks. The first two goals are being built on the work of Donna Rishor and Sam Klein Rose. First drafts of these goals are due early in week two for review by the entire group, and second drafts will be due at the beginning of week three.
High School
Cal Armstrong, Peggy Brookins, Alyssa Keri, Kathi King, Vicki Lyons, Richard Seitz, William Thill, Donna Young
The HS group has spent the past week putting an outline of the work to be done and establishing our focus. We are currently defining and establishing the number of goals and the rationale for each of them. We have already defined the task we will use and are writing the commentary necessary as well as the presenter notes. Our plan is to have the HS toolkit finished in the next week in order to allow practice, revision, and refinement by the presenters we will be here for the duration of PCMI.

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