c-TaP: Elementary Summary

Monday - Friday, July 2 - 6, 2012

The ES group spent the first week of PCMI training a core group of teachers in implementing the toolkit. Through this process they made further revisions and refinements of the work that the writing group has done over the past year. They concluded their work on Friday afternoon, and began setting out protocols for the logistics around delivering the toolkit at various sites around the country.

Summary of the Toolkit Institute Day: The intent of the Toolkit Institute is to provide an introduction to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics including the rationale behind the standards as well as their content. The day is broken into six modules which address six goals. The days' activities are designed to engage the participant with the content and intent of the standards as they experience tasks to help them analyze and discuss the standards with the guidance of a facilitator who has had extensive training. While it is not possible to analyze all standards in a one day training, participants will gain skills and strategies in helping them understand the standards, find the flow and coherence in developing math concepts and analyze tasks for levels of complexity.

During the morning the participants will hear from two of the writers in a video as they explain their goals and guiding influences in the writing of the standards. The Mathematical Practice Standards are the habits of mind which students should use to be successful mathematicians. Participants will develop a rich understanding of these Standards for Mathematical Practice as they analyze descriptions of these standards as well as experience videos of students doing math and implementing them. One of the dominant goals of the writers of the standards was for teachers and students to find the coherence or connectedness of mathematics. Participants will see a model of this coherence as they analyze and sequence student work from kindergarten to fifth grade which shows significant concepts in multiplications as well as how students must use prior understandings to build conceptual understanding and fluency in multiplication.

During the afternoon participants will clarify their understanding of the standards, by learning the definitions of specific meaningful words found in the standards. They will analyze student tasks to determine which tasks better align with the standards. Next, participants will continue to analyze then create student tasks as they discuss the cognitive complexity of these tasks. Teachers will learn how to recognize the appropriate task which aligns with their students' needs and the standards. Finally, teachers will be provided with online resources which will help them to continue to develop the skills and understandings of the standards which they experienced in the Toolkit Institute.

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