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Three Rooms: Reflecting on Practice

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Aaron and Vicki

Cal and Jennifer

Teri and Gabe

Week 1: view PPT [PDF]:       

Week 1: Resources:
Vicki's Thoughts on Norms [YouTube]
Stein, M., Smith, M., Henningsen, M., Silver, E. (2000). Analyzing Mathematical Instructional Tasks. [PDF]
Webb's Depth of Knowledge Guide. Career and Technical Definitions. (2009). [PDF]

Week 2: view PPT [PDF]:       

Week 3: view PPT [PDF]:       

Week 3: Resources:
Dan Meyer Hangs Out with PCMI 2013 [password required]
PCMI 2013 Haiku Reflection & Goal Setting on YouTube or download mp4 file [11.3 MB]

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