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Shared Practices 2: Tuesday, July 16

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Vu Trang
Two Geometry Activities
     download Vu's PowerPoint file: Triangle_congruence_inequality_for_PCMI.pptx

Clint Chan
Computer Science/Programming Resources
     download Clint's PowerPoint file: CSResources_Clint.pptx


Gail Englert
An order of operations game
"I wanted a game that my students could use to practice using order of operations, and also sharpen their mental math skills, so I created this game, that I call "fences". The original game board contains the numbers from 1 to 34, but it can be adjusted to include larger numbers, or integers, or fractional amounts... Whatever you want your students to work with. Students start with 4 digits, and use two or more of them to create expressions that have values named on the gameboard. They write the expression and their initials in the cell with the targeted amount to claim that cell, and then record points (one point per digit used) for their turn. If they are able to claim adjacent cells, they earn double points for the two touching cells on that turn. The game continues until as many cells as possible have been claimed."
     download Gail's Word file: fences_indiv_game_boards.doc

Will Stafford
Right Triangles Roger Rabbit Murder Mystery
     access the Prezis that Will used:
          Prezi One
          Prezi Two


Titin Suryati Sukmadewi
International Presentation
     download Titin's PowerPoint file: titin_presentation2013.pptx

Moe Burkhart
Head Problem
     download Moe's files:
          head_problem_for_tuesday.docx or as PDF
          elim_echo.docx or as PDF
          mode_of_response.docx or as PDF
          positive_reinforcement.docx or as PDF
          the_other7.docx or as PDF


David Herron
A Conceptual Approach to Solving Equations
     download David's PowerPoint file: PCMI_SolvingEquationsPresentation.pptx

Paul Winston
Using KenKen to help write Geometric Proofs

Marla Mattenson
Two-Day Tests To Promote Student Reflection
     download Marla's PowerPoint file: PCMI_10MinuteShort.ppt or as a PDF


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