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June 30 5-minute madness presentation - Jim King

Jim presented Alphabet Soup: download it as a PDF file.

July 1 Tour - Suzanne Alejandre

Suzanne (connecting remotely from Philadelphia) gave a brief overview of the PCMI@MathForum site using the Getting Started page.

July 2 University of Washington Credit Process - Jim King

PCMI participants can sign up for 6 quarter credits of Math 497 from the University of Washington. Jim King explained the University of Washington credit process. Information can be found here: [PDF] ||

July 2 Math Arguments 180 - Gabriel Rosenberg

Last January, Dan Meyer tweeted out, "Free website idea: 180 days of math argument-starters that lead into instruction. ie. 'Is zero odd or even?'"An hour later a high school teacher who blogs under the name Curmudgeon took him up on the challenge and has been posting such argument starters about once a day since. This is a great source for prompts that can lead to some great mathematical discourse in the classroom.

July 3 Contributing Pictures and Video - Jim King

Jim gave a quick presentation on a way to drop photos into Tina's Dropbox, as way of collecting photos and videos from the group that might be useful for us. Download his presentation here: [PDF] [PPTX]

July 3 Illustrative Mathematics - Ashli Black

Ashli gave a brief overview of Illustrative Mathematics. Download her file: [PPTX] or [PDF]

July 3 Train Switcheroo - Linda Gojak

Linda shared a challenging but fun problem with the teachers called Train Switcheroo. Download a collection of problems -- many spatial, visual -- from a recent presentation she made at TODOS. Most of the problems come from the EQUALS project at the Lawrence Hall of Science: [PDF]

July 7 MAA - Brian Hopkins

Brian described some classroom resources available from the Mathematics Association of America. Download his file: [PDF]

July 8 Open Discussion - Eric Henry

Eric talked about an open discussion format he wants to create.

July 9 Nix the Tricks - Tina Cardone

Tina showed the website, explained the project and how people can contribute.

July 10 A Summary of My Mathematical Experiences - Therese Landry

My name is Therese Landry and I participated in PCMI SSTP 2011. I am also an alumnus of PROMYS for Teachers and those summers complemented my mathematical experiences in Park City perfectly - both programs engage teachers with problems that encourage them to, in the language of the Common Core, "model with mathematics," and "to look for and make use of structure." Most importantly, SSTP gave me the opportunity to speak with mathematicians. My appetite for mathematical language and perspective thus whetted, I gained admittance to an REUT - Research Experience for Undergraduates and Teachers - and had the chance to do research in pure algebra. I enrolled in graduate school soon afterwards and now work with a tiling that is a generalization of continued fractions to multiple dimensions. I am back at PCMI as part of the 2014 Graduate Summer School and as a teaching assistant for the 2014 Undergraduate Summer School course on tilings.

July 11 Classroom Recordings - Cal Armstrong

When I was a participant back in '02 the focus was on becoming a reflective math teacher; we used this book a lot I also decided to record my classes to really get an idea of what my students experienced; I just put a videocamera on a stand at the back of the room and hit the red button. It was eye-opening. The video didn't always follow the flow of the class and the audio was often poor but the feedback changed my craft considerably. Technology has come a long way - and now we use a Swivl that provides a wireless mic and records on an iPad or smartphone. Recordings are quick and private.

July 14 Estimation180 - Mary Ann Sheridan

Andrew Stadel's site has excellent lessons to develop number sense with connections to Common Core Standards. He also has a collection of Estimates-180 to be exact. Well not if you count the archived sets. There are downloadable handouts for the "Three Act Lessons" and the Daily Estimates. There is a new site in collaboration with the The TLLP Grant. Download her file: [PPTX] [PDF]

July 15 Book: Powerful Problem Solving - Rhonda Birnie

Rhonda talked about Max Ray's book, Powerful Problem Solving. She said that along with the book you can access resources and videos illustrating the activities on the Book Companion website: Jen generated a random number to give one copy of the book to the participant holding a ticket with that number! David Berger was the winner.

July 15 Benefits of NCTM Membership - Fred Dillon

Fred talked about the benefits of joining NCTM and your local math associations, including the journals, social networking, conferences and PD opportunities. Download his file: [PPT] [PDF]

July 16 Rhonda Bondie's website - Adam Chawansky

Adam shared Rhonda Bondie's website. It's not math-specific, but it has a great collection of pedagogical techniques and curriculum design principles that help teachers make differentiation a regular part of their class.

July 17 PCMI@MathForum - Suzanne Alejandre

Suzanne responded to participants' noticings and wonderings of the PCMI@MathForum site.

July 18 Doughnut Diagram - Jennifer Outzs

Jen talked about another strategy for formative assessment.

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