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Module Abstracts
Grade Level: Kindergarten through Grade 2
Subject: Operations and Algebraic Thinking
Title: Understanding the Structure of Story Problems
Authors: Deb Guthrie and Amy TerEick
This training module for teachers focuses on the variety of situational story problems students encounter in Kindergarten through second grade. The progression of addition and subtraction situational story problems outlined in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics will be highlighted. Participants will engage in writing situational story problems for each subtype of problem mentioned in the Common Core.
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Grade Level: Grades 3 - 5
Subject: Fraction Equivalency
Title: Equivalent Fractions Using Visual Representations
Authors: Monica Tienda and Rhonda Birnie
The goals of this workshop are to develop an understanding of fractions as numbers, explain equivalence of fractions using visual models and understanding the connection between visual models, generating rules, and applying rules. Participants will be guided to think through how students develop an understanding of fractions with visual representations in third grade and how the conceptual understanding helps them to generate rules in fourth grade, and finally apply those rules in fifth grade. Participants will engage in analyzing student explanations of equivalence and thinking through their misconceptions in order to move those students forward in their mathematical thinking. Participants will also engage in a task requiring them to add/subtract fractions with unlike denominators, as well as solve problems that have more than one possible solution.
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Grade Level: Grades 2 - 5
Subject: Mathematics
Title: Open Number Lines
Authors: Greta Anderson and Annemarie Newhouse
This training module supports teachers in grades 2 - 5 in using open number lines to reinforce the Common Core State Standards. Participants will come away with a solid understanding of how to use open number lines as a tool to support addition and subtraction situations appropriate to their grade levels (beginning with whole numbers and extending through time, fractions and decimals.)
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Grade Level: Kindergarten through Grade 5
Subject: Mathematics
Title: Shifting our Focus: Patterns
Authors: Linda May Menkis and Gail Englert
This training module for teachers focuses on the development of pattern understanding Kindergarten through Grade 5 as outlined in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Patterns were dealt with in a very different way prior to the Common Core. In the elementary grades the focus was on patterns that repeat, often dealing with color and shape. A significant shift has occurred with the focus on identifying the numeric sequence of patterns, and analyzing the change in the relationship of the numbers. Resources are included for each of the grade levels.
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