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Project Abstract
A Practical Model for Teaching How to Access, Represent, and Interpret Discrete Data
Subject: Statistics
Authors: Vicki Lyons, Chance Nalley, Zachary Coverstone, Amy Hogan, Angelina Morelli, Meaghan Volek, Christopher Watts
  • Each of the four sessions will contain both an asynchronous short video lesson with preparatory instructions and a synchronous session where we will meet together in an online format to exchange our experiences and to learn and practice additional topics.
  • Each of the asynchronous sessions will be from 15-30 minutes and are to be viewed before each online discussion. The asynchronous sessions have instructions for accessing online data sets and displaying large data sets in statistical plots.
  • Each of the synchronous sessions will be an online facilitated discussion with further instructions and collaborative exchange. They will last for 30-60 minutes and will follow a video lesson.
  • There are three sets of data that we will be using together. Each participant will work with one additional data set of their own choosing.
In this four session exploration "A Practical Model for Teaching How to Access, Represent, and Interpret Discrete Data" we will be accessing and using data to answer relevant questions. This course has been designed to be informative and accessible to teachers of all levels. The format of this course will model practical lessons that teachers can use with their students.
In this course we will model and explore the statistical process of developing a research question, obtaining useful data for exploring that question, analyzing the results by looking at different representations, such as graphs and charts, and then communicating our findings in a meaningful way to other people. The course objectives are modeled by recurring themes and data sets that connect the four sessions of this course into a comprehensive whole. Participants will gain the most from this course by following through all of the sessions in their assigned sequence.
Materials for the course include:
  • Session 0: Introductory Email and Google Form (for collecting demographic and interesting data)
  • Session 1: Mock-up Notes, Session Outline, PowerPoint Slides and Notes, Video Script, Facilitator Notes, and Video in Three Parts
  • Session 2: Notes, PowerPoint Slides, and Video
  • Sessions 3 and 4 are outlined in our notes but are not yet developed. Additional materials include data sets and examples of statistical plots created on the Art of Stats website.
The Course Includes:
  • Session 0 - Welcome email & Google form to collect data
  • Session 1 - Collecting data (accessing data from web sites) - preparatory video and online discussion
  • Session 2 - Representing data - preparatory video and online discussion
  • Session 3 - Analyzing data from graphs - outlined but not developed
  • Session 4 - Interpreting data - outlined but not developed
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