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Project Abstract
Focus 1: Elizabeth McGrath, Ayesha Saletore Yacubic
Focus 2: Gabriel Rosenberg, Daniel Kang, Gabrielle Mathiesen, Benjamin Walkerc
The Outreach Working group had two foci: publicity and weekend outreach.
Focus 1, publicity, created informational brochures for the TLP and the Outreach weekends. We also created the Weekend Outreach flyers for the eight programs that will be offered during the 2017-2018 year.
We also wanted to help publicize the program by promoting the teachers that participate in the program. We created a press release to announce the teachers that will be attending the Summer Program. This will be sent out in April or May and posted on the website. We created a "completion letter" that will be a personalized letter sent to school administrators and/or local media outlets highlighting the teacher's role and participation at TLP. This letter will be sent out in August. Participants will first need to complete a Google Form in order fr the letter to be personalized.
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Focus 2 worked on curating problem sets and facilitator guides to be used for the math content at PCMI Outreach Weekend events for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year. They are based on the 2014 Morning Math problem sets, focusing on tilings.
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