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Graphing Parabolas Lesson
Grade Level: Common Core 9th Grade
Subject: Algebra 1
Topic: Graphing quadratics in vertex form
Authors: Sean Corey, Paul DeRonne, Mary Langmyer, Stever Leung, Michele Nieves, Melissa Schumacher
Group Facilitators: Mary Pilgrim and Jake Leibold
The purpose of our lesson study was to collaboratively create, teach, and revise a lesson for high school students learning Algebra 1 or an Integrated 1 Common Core Mathematics class. Then we met an average of eight hours per week for three weeks. The lesson was first taught to 13 high school students attending the Park City Mathematics Institute summer math camp. The second time the lesson was taught to about 30 high school students attending an Algebra course at the Winter Sports School in Park City, Utah.
The major objective of our lesson was for students to understand the characteristics of the graph of the parabola and connect the vertex form of the equation to the location of the vertex point.
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