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Project Abstract

As part of the Summer 2018 PCMI, a toolbox for teachers was created to promote the use of Lesson Study by educators who were unable to participate due to time or geography; they would engage in the process completely online. The toolbox contains processes covering the understanding of lesson study, the logistical needs to do both Lesson Study and the online space, and the necessary collaborative and pedagogy skills. Throughout the 2018 academic year, members of the group that create the toolbox will pilot its use alongside a geographically diverse group of teachers, monitoring and collecting commentary from the participants, and then refine the toolbox in the summer of 2019. The participants using the toolbox will engage in the full Lesson Study process: choosing a topic, designing a lesson following best practices in pedagogy and then iterating a teach-reflect-redesign-teach loop twice, finally reflecting on the process. In all, participants will engage with 25 hours of reading, writing, preparation, teaching and reflecting. As well, some participants may attend PCMI during the summer of 2019 to provide feedback and editing of the toolbox for further use.

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