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Guidelines for 3rd Week

The PCMI 2019 Summer Session has three strands:

Math Course: Developing Mathematical Ideas
(2 hours per day, 14 days in session)
Less than 1000 people in the world can do a "perfect shuffle" of a deck of cards, and doing so has surprising consequences. This course explores connections among seemingly different areas: permutation groups, number theory, and expansions for rational numbers in various bases, all starting from the analysis of perfect card shuffles. The course brings coherence to several ideas that run throughout school mathematics: rational number arithmetic, different representations for rational numbers, geometric transformations, and combinatorics.
Reflecting on Practice: Teaching for Learning
(75 minutes per day, 14 days in session, plus opportunities for informal sessions in late afternoon and evenings)
Teaching consists of many moving parts including choosing tasks, managing discussions, providing feedback, and motivating students to learn. TLP participants will consider research related to teaching and learning mathematics with a particular focus on developing both conceptual knowledge and procedural fluency. The discussion will be grounded in the study of lessons and classroom practice in both the United States and other countries as participants work collaboratively to better understand how they can design experiences for all of their students that will enable them to grow as mathematics learners.
Working Groups
(2 hours per day, 4 days a week)
As part of their summer activities, each participant selected for the Teacher Leadership Program will be assigned to a small team that will focus on an activity related to implementing high standards in mathematics classrooms or to one of two special working groups focused on either (1) attending the course Low-dimensional Topology related to the PCMI 2019 research topic; or (2) designing and delivering a lesson to area high school students.
All participants will be notified of their Working Group assignments prior to PCMI. Participants all will take part in a discussion of possible topics and foci for their Working Groups prior to the beginning of the summer program. The Working Group choices include:
  • Academic Year Outreach
  • Book Study
  • Developing Professional Capacity
  • Lesson Study
  • Research Course - Low-dimensional Topology
  • Social Justice in Mathematics
  • Wisdom of Practice Repository

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