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Shared Practices II: Thursday, July 15

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Westley Knight and Bill Thill supported by Anne Paoletti-Bayna organized an afternoon event to provide TLP participants with a forum to share and learn about interesting and creative things that people do in their classrooms.

Click on photo to view larger.
Patricia Jennifer Abby, Danny, Gabe

Patricia Saucedo [@owlbethere4you]
Stop and Smell the Roses
     view/download Patricia's file: [PDF] [PPTX]

Jennifer Parker [@JenniferParker1]
Infusing Social Justice in the 7th Grade Classroom
     view/download Jennifer's presentation file: [PDF] [PPTX]

Abby Kirchman, Danny Ramos, Gabriel Morden-Snipper [@abbykirchman]
Writing in the Math Classroom
     view/download their file: [PDF] [PPTX]

Click on photo to view larger.
Carol Kate Benjamin

Carol Spice
MathCounts for All
     view/download Carol's file: [PDF] [PPTX]

Kate Maschmeyer [@MathKatherine]
Financial Literacy: Credit Cards & Credit in Algebra Class
     view/download Kate's file: [PDF] [PPTX]

Benjamin Dickman [@benjamindickman]
Problem Posing in Algebra Assessments
     view/download Benjamin's file: [PDF] [PPTX]

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