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Implementing the Connecting Representations Routine
Participants: Trisha Gilbreath, Bethanne Goldman, Kimberly Hartung, Eric Portales, Grahame Sorensen, Monika Sulima, Megan Zinka
Facilitator: Amy TerEick
Grade Level(s): 8-12th grade
Subject: Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics
We explored the book, Routines for Reasoning: Fostering the Mathematical Practices in All Students, by Grace Kelemanik, Amy Lucenta, and Susan Janssen Creighton. We chose to focus on the Connecting Representations routine presented in chapter 4. To supplement this, we also read chapter 2 for an overview, and chapter 7 for implementation recommendations and resources. After each reading, we discussed key takeaways, questions, and connections to our own teaching practices. We brought some of these questions into two discussions with one of the authors, Amy Lucenta. Additionally, we talked with a teacher who regularly uses the Connecting Representations routine, Jasper DeAntonio. Finally, we planned specific Connecting Representations activities to use in our math classes.
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