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Project Abstract
Outreach Video
Authors: Noel Galang, Kate Carter & Gen Esmende
The voices and footage from our current PCMI experience will be used to promote the PCMI Academic Year Outreach Programs to give to administrators, district leaders, and teachers in order to build interest in hosting or participating in an outreach program. The video will give information about what PCMI is about, the goals for PCMI, and show what the PCMI experience will be like. We hope to be able to reach out to cities and states where we have not had a PCMI presence.
view YouTube video: Academic Year Outreach Programs
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PCMI Teacher Exchange
Authors: Max Olivier & Lauren Szymanski
This project focused on developing the PCMI Teacher Exchange program by creating an organizer’s guide and projected implementation timeline for the program. The materials also include potential templates for necessary program documents such as an application and promotional fliers. The goal is for this work to serve as a starting point for the future PCMI Teacher Exchange program administrators.
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Differentiation: Two-Day Outreach Materials
Authors: Jessica Reynolds and David Price
Our subgroup organized a new two-day PCMI experience that could also be condensed into a one-day workshop, with a focus on the Reflecting on Practice component. Based on feedback data from past outreach sessions, we developed a framing for how school-year PCMI experiences must differ from summer PCMI sessions, and used that to center our sessions around the topic of "Differentiation through Flexible Tasks." We also adapted the Teacher Sharing component of PCMI to align more closely with the RoP sessions and came up with recommendations for the math component of future outreach sessions.
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