PCMI International Seminar at ICME-12
Seoul, Korea
July, 2012


In years when the International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME) is held, the International Seminar does not meet in Park City but invites past participants to meet in the host ICME city. In 2012, ICME met in Seoul, South Korea. The following past International Seminar participants attended: Kum Foo Fong, Singapore; Fayez Mina, Egypt; Mogens Niss, Denmark; Ole Bjorkqvist, Finland; Ruhama Even, Israel; Damjan Kobal, Slovenia; Chan Roth, Cambodia; Zhara Gooya, Iran; Kyungmee Park, Korea; Gail Burrill, United States; and Martin van Reeuwjk (guest), the Netherlands. Several other past participants had scheduling conflicts and were unable to attend but expressed support for the work of the group (Kissane, Australia; Durand-Guerrier, France; Kaur, Singapore). Michele Artigue and Johnny Lott, both of whom work with the program, were unable to attend.

After an update on PCMI and the briefs produced over the past three years, attendees reported on how they have used the International Seminar experience in their countries. For example, the working model has influenced the way Niss designs and approaches work with colleagues; Fong sends Singaporean curricular materials to Iran and Kenya; Gooya described how the discussion helped frame ideas for work on preparing teachers.

The primary focus of the 2012 discussion was on the potential outline of an International Seminar book building on the briefs produced in the seminars. Participant points for the book emerged as recommendations for the publication:

  • capture the experience of the seminar work and its implications for participants
  • contain three parts: process, product and impact on participants
  • describe how the seminar evolved over the years.

The focus of the rest of the session was developing a framework for the book.

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