International Panel: Bridging Policy and Practice
A Focus on Teacher Preparation

A Focus on Teacher Preparation

Park City Mathematics Institute

Prospector Square, Park City Utah

July 14-18, 2002


Teacher preparation and quality are matters of international interest. To explore common issues and concerns regarding the initial preparation (pre-service) and ongoing (in-service) professional development of mathematics teachers, an International Panel on Policy and Practice in Mathematics Teacher Education convened in the summer of 2002. This seminar-sponsored by the Institute for Advanced Study/Park City Mathematics Institute (PCMI), and funded by the Wolfenson Family Foundation, the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, and the International Commission on Mathematics Instruction-allowed the participants to engage in a stimulating five-day discussion about these important issues in the education of mathematics teachers.

Teams of two educators from each nation-a university mathematics educator or policy-maker and a secondary school mathematics teacher-met to discuss pre-service and in-service education policy and practice pertaining to intended and current mathematics teachers. The goals for this summer were to:

  • promote open discussion of the goals, content, and delivery of pre-service and in-service education for mathematics teachers, as well as the policies that govern these in each nation,
  • identify common issues faced across national contexts, and
  • identify pre-service and in-service programs and practices that work well in a particular nation and may work well in others.

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