Math Science Partnership
PD3: PCMI and Districts Partner to Design Professional Development

PCMI is a program of the Institute for Advanced Study Princeton, New Jersey, Funded through NSF COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT EHR-0314808

A Park City Mathematics Institute partnership with schools in McAllen, Texas, Seattle, Washington, and Las Cruces/Gadsden, New Mexico:


New Mexico 2009 participants in Park City.


McAllen 2009 participants in Park City.

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Seattle 2009 participants in Park City

   PD3 Highlights:

  • Garfield High School named School of Distinction.

  • Five PD3 teams present at lesson study conference in Las Cruces on April 26, 2008. Aki Takahashi led facilitator conference for PD3 lesson study leaders.

  • McAllen PD3 teachers revising Jump Up to High School program to help students transition to high school. New middle school to become a PD3 school piloting new curriculum.

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