PIERO DELLA FRANCESCA, The LEGEND OF THE TRUE CROSS. Cappella Maggiore, Basilica of San Francesco, AREZZO, Italy



PC Microsoft Internet Explorer; Latest version of Adobe Flash Player
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This model requires the XVR ActiveX plugin from VRMedia s.r.l. to render the 3D model. Normally the model will load this plugin automatically if it has not already been installed on the user's computer. Alternatively, one can install the plugin using the following URL: http://www.vrmedia.it/Xvr.htm

Users without Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mac users and Android SmartPhone users may access the High Resolution Images and Commentary (see below III, b).
[Go to: http://projects.ias.edu/mlavinpierotruecross/pieroimages.html].


To access the Model, go to: http://projects.ias.edu/mlavinpierotruecross/piero.htm

The first download (under 70M) should take less than one minute to load.  Please be patient. You can make the URL a Favorite, and it will stay in the memory.  [[NB: To make the Model readily available on the internet, a certain amount of resolution had to be compromised.  As a result, in close-up views there is some blurring of forms.  The user is encouraged to open the “Zoomit Windows” that display high resolution images accompanying each scene (below III, b).]] 




II. “Guided Tour” The Tour follows the extraordinary sequence in which Piero arranged the narrative chronology of the True Cross Legend. 

            You can follow the Tour in three different ways:

1)Audio on:  Start at Entry View. Click Audio On.  The voice of Ellen Burstyn provides information concerning the subject of each episode, telling you when to click the Next Arrow to change the scene.

2) Audio off:  Click the icon to turn off the sound (an X will appear).

3) Click Title Bar to open the Menu and click one Title after another, from bottom to top.

III.  Interaction with the Model
a) Mouse: You can shift the point of view in the Model by moving the Mouse and depressing the buttons:

Left Button ↔, moving the Mouse horizontally [slide in straight line]
Right Button ↔, moving the Mouse horizontally [pan around corners]
Left Button ↑↓, moving the Mouse forward or back [tilt view up or down]
Right Button ↑↓, moving the Mouse forward or back [zoom in or out]
Both Buttons together ↑↓ moving the Mouse forward or back [fly up or down in space]

If you move to a new location with the Mouse and turn the Audio On, the commentary will resume at that point.

b) Zoomit Windows: High Resolution Images and Written Commentary:

To open a Zoomit Window:  With the Mouse on any field in the Model, depress Control and double-click.

When the new window opens, click on the Image and the Zoomit Controls will appear; the controls are self-explanatory.  Use the Controls to move around in the image.  It can take a moment or two for the full resolution to develop;   please be patient.  You can also use the Mouse to drag the image to different views. 

To see the Written Commentary by Marilyn Aronberg Lavin, scroll to the lower part of the window.  The texts augment the Audio comments with further information.
Close the Zoomit window by clicking: File, and then Close Tab; or click the X in the upper right corner of the window.

c) Titles button

 Titles button on:  Place the Mouse on any field and title of scene will appear.

 Titles button off:  Click to Turn off Titles.