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Japanese Lesson Study Research Lesson
Studying Dimensionality Through a Stair-Step Fractal
Don't Fence Me In
A Lesson in Student Learning: Rate of Change
Circular Irrigation
Conditional, Converse, and Bi-Conditional Statements, Oh My!
An Amazing, Space Filling, Non-regular Tetrahedron
Paper Cup Mathematics
Circle Packing, A Directed Investigation of Descartes' Circle Theorem
Rhombic Dodecahedron - Hidden Within or Surrounding the Cube?
The Geometry of Piles of Salt
Factoring Patterns in the Gaussian Plane
Build It as A Group


Data, Statistics, and Probability
Our Backpack Data: Making Conclusions from Graphs
Biased Rectangles?
Cereal Box
Let 'Em Roll™ Simulation
Parabolic Path to a Best Best-Fit Line
Exercise and Cholesterol Level
Analyzing Backpack Weights
Was Leonardo Correct? (continued)
Integrated Algebra - Graphs and Statistics
Visualizing Functions
Sinusoid Curve Fitting with Fathom
Rubric-Implementing Standards for Mathematical Practice


Policy Briefs from the International Seminar
2011 Complex Numbers
    Reflections on the History of Complex Numbers
    Integrating Algebra and Geometry with Complex Numbers
    A Learning Progression for Complex Numbers
    Complex Numbers in Teacher Education: Connecting Mathematics and Pedagogy
2010 Recursion and Induction
    Multiple Perspectives on the Important Concepts for Understanding Recursion and Induction
    The Power of Recursion and Induction
    A Model for Reasoning with Recursion and Mathematical Induction in School Mathematics
2009 Functions
    The Place of Functions in the School Mathematics Curriculum
    Teacher Professional Development in the Teaching and Learning of Functions
    Assets and Pitfalls to Using Technology in Teaching and Learning Functions
2007 Reasoning and Proof
    Assessment of Reasoning and Proof
    The Nature and Role of Reasoning and Proof
    Conditions for the Effective Teaching and Learning of Reasoning and Proof
2006 Problem Solving
    Problem-Solving in the School Mathematics Curriculum
    Preparation of Teachers for Teaching Problem Solving, Reasoning and Proof
    Conditions for Teachers to Engage in Problem Solving and Reasoning in Their Classrooms
2005 Preparing Teachers
    Adapting/Adopting Best Practices
    Establishing Regional PCMI Seminars: Uganda as an Example
    International Recommendations for National Standards and Norms Concerning Teachers' Preparation and Working Conditions
    Mathematical Literacy for All Students
Mathematics Education Around the World: Bridging Policy and Practice: A Focus on Teacher Preparation
    Reflections from 2003
    Reflections from 2002
Mathematics Education Around the World: Bridging Policy and Practice
    Reflections from 2001


Related Papers from the International Seminar
The First Mathematics Marathon in Namibia - Karen D'Emiljo

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