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Macintosh Specific Links
BBEdit Lite (text editor freeware)
Register and Download BBEdit Lite

After typing in your name and email address, scroll down to Download BBEdit Lite 6.1. Click on "Binhex: (5,868K) Download via FTP OR Download via HTTP" (Both choices connect to the same URL so it doesn't matter.)

BBEdit FAQ - Bare Bones Software
A Step by Step Tutorial

Fetch 3.0.3 (ftp freeware for educators)
Download Fetch (automatically starts downloading)
how to transfer files with Fetch - University of Indianapolis

PrintToPDF (PDF file making shareware)
PrintToPDF - Make sure to read the manual. It's a good one!
Review of PrintToPDF

Clip2Gif (make jpg, gif, pict, or tiff graphics)
Clip2Gif - Scroll to the bottom of the page
Pictures on Web Pages
Clip2Gif Tutorial


PC Specific Links

Emacs (text editor/ftp freeware)
GNU Emacs
Emacs/W3 4.0
Emacs reference materials
GNU Emacs Manual
and then if you want to spend money, there's a book.

WinEdit (text editor commercial product)

WSFTP (ftp freeware)
Using WSFTP to Move Files
WSFTP Instructions

PDF file making software


Generic Links

Create It 101.Basic HTML
FAQ's from Various Workshops
HTML: Basic Tags
HTML Programming: Source Code, Reference, Resources
NCSA (at UIUC) Beginner's Guide to HTML - HTML Resource Guide

Clip Art/Gif/Jpeg Resources
Icon Bazaar
Cool Graphics on the Web

Color Resources
Netscape (6x6x6) Color Palette Map
Icon Bazaar - Color Tables

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