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Our group achieved its original goal to participate in the lesson study process. The first stage of our process was to read and learn about Japanese Lesson Study. In this stage, we also learned about a particular style of lesson used by the Japanese, which we then decided to use for our lesson. We then worked to define the goal for our lesson and to research the "hook" problem. Our problem was derived from Don't Fence Me In from Problems with A Point. Through our collaborative work in lesson study, we modified the problem in ways to suit our students. These modifications were more than just superficial; they had significant pedagogical justification behind them. We used templates and protocols from Columbia's Teacher's College Lesson Study Group to design our lesson, observe the lesson when it was taught to nearby summer school students, and then discuss the lesson. We also videotaped the lesson. The observations of the lesson form the basis of revision of the lesson for future use.

The immediate products of this working group are the resource list of articles and websites related to Japanese Lesson Study, the actual lesson we worked on (along with the student work, teacher board notes, and observation notes) and our reflection on this process. In the upcoming school year, many of us plan to remain involved with Japanese Lesson Study in ways which extend our experiences at PCMI. Jane plans to work with teachers from local school districts in Lesson Study; Kathy has already submitted a proposal to speak at NCTM on her experiences with Lesson Study; and Melanie plans to use lesson study with colleagues at her school.

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