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Reflection on Practice Class: Day 13
Akihiko Takahashi

Aki showed us a chapter of a Japanese 5th grade textbook which he and a colleague are translating into English. This three-week chapter dealt with the development of the area formulas for quadrilaterals and triangles. As he showed us the pages, he pointed out the frequent use of open-ended questions.

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We spent the rest of the hour in groups finishing our problems.

Problems from each table (PDF and GSP files):

Table 1: What Is the Sum of the Angles?
Table 2: What's the Plot?
Table 3A: What's My Four-tune?
Table 3B: What's My Four-tune? (Table 3) || GSP file
Table 4: Surfin' and Searchin' || GSP file
Table 5: Grazing Gertie Problem
Table 6: Quadratic Relationships: Correct and Connect!
Table 7: How Can We Change the Shoebox to Double the Volume?
Table 8: How Many Triangles Are in This Triangle?
Table 9: Probability and Area
Table 10: Find the Total Number of Toothpicks
Table 11: Generating Equations
Table 12: What's Happening?

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