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July 2 5-minute madness presentation - Jim King

Jim presented Alphabet Soup: download it as a
PDF || zipped Keynote file || HTML

July 5 Tour - Suzanne Alejandre

Suzanne gave a brief overview of the PCMI@MathForum site using the Getting Started page.

July 9 University of Washington Credit Process - Jim King

PCMI participants can sign up for 6 quarter credits of Math 497 from the University of Washington. Jim King explained the University of Washington credit process. Read more here: FAQ page (on Jim King's University of Washington website) and also download this Information Sheet [PDF format].

July 9 The Edutwitterblogosphere - Ashli Black

Want free PD from teachers just like yourself at (practically) any time of day? Join twitter. Want feedback from teachers and a way to record your practice in the moment? Start a blog. Want to participate in quality professional conversations? Check out #mathchat or read the comments on blogs. Welcome to the online world of math teachers.
Additional links:
    Prezi: I Only Twitter with Math Teachers
    list of math twitterers/bloggers as a place to start
    twitter map

July 10 Cross Country Collaboration - Tina Cardone

Shireen Dadmehr (PCMI alum and math blogger at and Tina Cardone (PCMI participant and math blogger at worked together on a Cross Country Collaboration. We paired up our students, one from Texas and one from Massachusetts and assigned them the task of creating a teaching/assessing tool for their peers. The projects they created are visible at: The biggest impact of this project is invisible though, it is the understanding students gained on remote communication and working together.

July 11 - Sara Rezvi

This 5 minute short will show a web 2.0 tool developed by a fellow Math for America colleague, Zach Korzyk, called The website uses learning targets to hone in on skill sets that students oftentimes have trouble with. The purpose of my short is to show how to use the site, and the various intricacies that the website holds.

July 12 Teacher2Teacher (T2T®) - Gail Englert

As a Teacher2Teacher Associate, I've volunteered my time since May 11, 1998 to respond to questions submitted to this free service offered by the Math Forum. We're looking for folks who might be interested in joining me as Suzanne and I think about how this service could be used to help teachers with questions they have about the CCSSM.

July 13 Math Mistakes - Gabriel Rosenberg

One of Ashli's tweeps, Michael Pershan, just started a new project called Math Mistakes. His own description of the project sums it up well: Teachers need to be able to quickly look at mathematical work and identify the assumptions behind the work, and what actions to take in response to the work. That's hard. But practice can help us get better at this. The idea is that on this site each post will be a selection of student work. That student work will be posted by me, but sent in by you. And then in the comments we'll discuss: what are the assumptions behind this work, and what could the next steps be.

July 16 ICME - Gail Burrill

Gail reported on: ICME 2012 [pdf]

July 17 NCTM journals - referees and articles - Fred Dillon

Fred showed how to sign up to be a referee for the different NCTM journals, in particular, Mathematics Teacher (MT) and Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School (MTMS). MT has My Favorite Lesson and MTMS has Math for Real. He shared information on how to submit an article and also a few tips from his experience as a former editorial panel member.
View Fred's Powerpoint Getting Published with NCTM [pdf].

July 18 Spherical Geometry - Shaffiq Welji

An introduction to spherical geometry with reference to John Polking's page:

July 19 IberoCabrí 2012 - Troy Jones

Troy summarized a presentation that he will give in Spanish at the VI Congreso Iberoamericano de Cabrí (IberoCabrí 2012) in Lima, Perú the second week of August. His presentation will review the points of concurrency in a triangle and extend these to their analogs in a tetrahedron. The Euler Line and 9-point circle relationships will also be extended to their analogous cases in a tetrahedron.
View Troy's Powerpoint ¿Tiene un tetraedro una recta de Euler? [pdf].

July 20 Social Justice and the Common Core State Standards - Carl Oliver


Carl's group gave a presentation toward optimizing the effectiveness of CCSS. They encouraged others to join them by signing their Petition: Support CCSS: Strive For A Transformative Change In U.S. Math Education.

July 20 How to Solve Quadratic Equations with Origami - Philip R. Mallinson

Philip talked about how to solve quadratic equations with origami.
Download Philip's Word document: How To Solve A Quadratic Equation With Origami
Bradford, Phillips Verner, Visualizing solutions to nth degree algebraic equations using right-angle geometric paths, from
Hull, Thomas C, Solving Cubics With Creases: The Work of Beloch and Lill, Mathematical Monthly, 118, April 2011, 307-315

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