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Mini Twitter Math Camp Announcement

The NYC mini-TMC will run from Tuesday, August 16 through Thursday, August 18 at the offices of New Visions for Public Schools (205 East 42nd Street). Thanks to the generosity of New Visions we have two rooms for our use - a small one and a bigger one. (Sort of like my apartment.)

We'll be together from 9 AM to 5 PM. Though we're still figuring out the details of the schedule, we’re using a schedule that's similar to the one at Twitter Math Camp: morning sessions before lunch, a "keynote" activity, followed by afternoon sessions.

I'd be shocked if we didn't have some fun evening social events, but we haven't heard any proposals yet. If you have ideas, please share them in response to this email!

Sessions are still not decided, but we'll get you that info ASAP. Thank you for telling us when you registered whether you want to present in August - we'll follow-up about that soon.

The overall conference theme is on the use of instructional routines/activities, and many (but not all) sessions will focus on this theme. Some examples of instructional routines are Number Talks, Problem Strings, Contemplate then Calculate, Which One Doesn't Belong, Connecting Representations, etc. These routines are both flexible (the math always changes) and rigid (the format remains the same). The rigidity of the format reduces the number of decisions we need to make, allowing us to focus entirely on the parts of the lesson that are most important for our students.

We have room for a few more, so spread the word to your friends if you haven't yet! The link to the registration form is

(The New Visions office has a fairly strict entrance policy. Registration is key to avoiding annoyance getting into the conference.)

Looking forward to August. Be in touch if we can help with anything!

- Carl Oliver, Michael Pershan, Leah Segal and David Wees, organizers of mini-TMC In NYC

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