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June 30 Math Teachers' Circles! - Chris Bolognese

Chris introduced what he'll be talking about this afternoon: Math Teachers' Circles.
View his presentation: [Google doc]

June 30 Tour - Suzanne Alejandre

Suzanne gave an overview of the PCMI@MathForum site using the Getting Started page.

July 1 University of Washington Credit Process - Jim King

PCMI participants can sign up for 6 quarter credits of Math 497 from the University of Washington. Jim King explained the University of Washington credit process.
A copy of the form can be downloaded here: [PDF]
Information can be found here:
View Jim's presentation: [PPTX] [PDF]
View/download Jim's letter explaining "This is a course at the graduate level." [PDF]

July 2 Teachers and the MAA - Brian Hopkins

Brian described some classroom resources available from the Mathematics Association of America. Download his file: [PDF]

July 3 Illustrative Mathematics Middle School Curriculum Materials - Bowen Kerins

Bowen showed these two sites:

July 5 NCTM - Robert Q. Berry III

As President Elect of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Robert gave an overview of the Benefits of Membership. Suzanne handed out copies of Problem-Solving Resources Free for NCTM Members and showed the new (as of April, 2017) Math Forum Problems of the Week Resources.

July 5 Meeting Research Mathematicians - Tom Garrity

Tom explained how K-12 teachers can interact with research mathematicians.

July 6 #MTBoS - Anna Blinstein & Julie Wright

PCMI, you should be on Twitter! The MathTwitterBlogOSphere is an amazing community for math teachers - sharing ideas and resources anytime, anywhere!
View: PCMI Twitter Pitch

July 7 A 5-Minute History of the PCMI Teacher Program - Jim King

Jim has been to each PCMI summer institute since the start in 1991. He provided an overview of how it all started and the iterations between then and now.
View: [PDF]

July 10 The Algebra Project - Kate Belin

The Algebra Project is a national, nonprofit organization that uses mathematics as an organizing tool to ensure quality public school education for every child in America and operates on the belief that everyone has a right to a quality education to succeed in this technology-based society and to exercise full citizenship. Through an NSF INCLUDES grant, the Algebra Project is supporting teachers across the country to form an alliance around teaching students performing in the bottom quartile. Get involved!
View: [PDF] [PPTX]

July 10 I Cried in Math Today - Monica Tienda

Over the past several days, we have heard from a number of people, participants and staff alike, voicing personal concerns. We want to acknowledge their voices and let them know they are heard and will be supported.
View: [PDF] [PPTX]

July 11 TODOS: Mathematics for ALL - John Carter

TODOS: Mathematics for ALL is an affiliate of NCTM dedicated to the advocacy for equity and high quality mathematics for all students - in particular Latina/o students. TODOS will host a conference on the topic of Social Justice and Equity in Mathematics Education in June 2018. Watch their website ( for session proposals and more information about the conference.
View: [PDF] [PPTX]

July 11 Diversifying the Mathematical Community - Roy Snyder

Empowering Who? The Challenge of Diversifying the Math Community (David Kung) Recommended by TLP 2017 participant Roy Snyder. "Research suggests that interactive teaching methods, including IBL, might help us successfully address issues of diversity. Why do they work? What else must we do to make the mathematics world more equitable?"

July 12 Northwest Mathematics Conference (NWMC) - Julie Wright

The Northwest Mathematics Conference will be at the Red Lion on the River in Portland, Oregon on October 12th - 14th 2017.

July 12 Whiteboard Surfaces a la P. Liljedahl - Mary Velez

#VNPS Mary uses a variety of vertical (and non-permanent horizontal) surfaces in her room. This short shows some of them in action and focuses on the products she uses from Wipebook.
View: [PDF] [PPTX]

July 13 Delta Math - Brooke Sossin

Brooke introduced the, a website created by Zach Korzyk, including recently updated features. This website can be used for homework, practice, or just generating problems.
View: [PDF] [PPTX]

July 13 All I Really Need to Know I Learned in 4th Grade - Becky Bob-Waksberg

Becky talked about what she learned as an elementary school teacher that she uses in the secondary classroom.
View: [PDF] [PPTX]

July 14 PCMI TLP and the SSTP series - Eriko Hironaka

Eriko talked with the teachers about how they can help promote the AMS publications of the Problem Sets from the Morning Class.
View: [PDF]

July 14 Particularly Awesome Resources - Kate Carter and Sean Corey

We keep telling each other about awesome things at PCMI, and it's hard to remember who to ask to email you things. Instead, let's share with everyone. Whether it's a website that has been inspirational or helpful to you, or a resource that you have created, we would love to see it. Add on to our Particularly Awesome Resources document, and share with your colleagues and math friends!
View: [PDF] [PPTX]

July 15 One More Look at PCMI@MathForum - Suzanne Alejandre

Suzanne gave a few more tips/hints of how to navigate the website. She said that if anyone needs help once they are home, just tweet questions to @sumaczanne or send email.

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