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We started creating the PCMI@MathForum site during the summer of 2001. We continued by adding a section during the summers of 2002 through 2016. We will be building the 2017 section this summer as you participate in the Teacher Leadership Program.

How can you use it while attending PCMI?

How are PCMI@MathForum and IAS/PCMI each important?

Each serve an important function and you should be familiar with them. Here's one way to think about the two sites:

used to document the work done during the Institute but also as a result of the Institute [specific for TLP]
use to access the schedules, announcements, course descriptions, etc. [general PCMI]
the official site of the Institute for Advanced Study where you will find information not only on the Teacher Leadership Program but also the other PCMI programs [general PCMI]
take 3 minutes 48 seconds to view the video An Inside View of IAS linked from the Institute for Advanced Study homepage.

Our Twitter hashtags

    #PCMIsummer --> in Park City during the Institute.
    #pcmiTLP --> during the 2017-2018 year following the Institute.

Not on Twitter yet but curious?

    Easiest would be to have someone here help you get started but there's also online help, including
        Help Center - Twitter
        Twitter Guide Book - How To, Tips, and Instructions by Mashable
        How to Use Twitter - YouTube by Howcast
    Create a Twitter account.
    Here's a handy link to make shortened URLs: Bitly. There are others, too.

What can you get familiar with during the Institute?

Get to know your working group's pages:
Supporting Teachers as Leaders
    PL Development
    Social Justice in Mathematics
Lesson Study
Research Course-Random Matrices

Use the link to Working group roster to remember names.
Use the 2001 through 2016 links to view work previously done.

Life at PCMI links on left sidebar

What are some features that will be handy once you are back home?

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Contact List [generic login required]
Abstract List

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