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Guidelines for 3rd Week

July 1 Welcome to PCMI/TLP - Monica Tienda

Monica gave an overview about what we'll be doing the next three weeks.
View Monica's presentation: [PDF] [PPTX]

July 2 Outreach Working Group Survey - Cal Armstrong

What burning question is eating through your math department? We'd like to know what topic is in high demand right now -- please fill out our survey!

July 2 PCMI: the Early Years - Jim King

Jim gave a history of PCMI.
View Jim's presentation: [PDF] [PPTX]

July 3 University of Washington Credit Process - Monica Tienda

PCMI participants can sign up for 6 quarter credits of Math 497 from the University of Washington. Monica explained the University of Washington credit process.
A copy of the form can be downloaded here: [PDF]
Information can be found here:
View Monica's presentation: [PDF] [PPTX]

July 3 Talking with Strangers - Peg Cagle

Summary: Peg encouraged the TLP participants to strike up conversations with participants in the other programs at PCMI.

July 3 Teacher Sharing - Anne Paoletti

Anne gave an overview of Teacher Sharing.

July 5 Tour - Suzanne Alejandre

Suzanne gave an overview of the PCMI TLP site using the Getting Started page.

July 8 3-D Printing - Henry Segerman

Henry explained about his work with 3-D printing, providing a window into the Cross Program talk he'll be presenting this afternoon.

July 8 How to Approach Cross Programs - Brian Hopkins

Brian shared a story he told the Research Working Group, attributed to Uri Treisman: Think of attending research talks like going to opera.
View Brian's presentation: [PDF]

July 9 Changemakers Data Fair - Kate Carter

Kate described her four-year journey with interdisciplinary social justice data fairs and how she learned to play better with others.
View Kate's presentation: [PPTX] [PDF]

July 10 What's a Building Party? - Gen Esmende

Gen what happens during a Building Party. She also shared how to do Snapology Origami during the Building Party.
View Gen's presentation: [PPTX] [PDF]

July 10 Working Group: Wisdom of Practice Repository - Amanda Markey

Amanda explained the Activities on Building Collaborative Culture that her working group is doing.
View Amanda's presentation: [PPTX] [PDF]

July 11 100K in 10 Teacher Forum - Peg Cagle

Peg explained this project and provided her contact information for those who would like to discuss it more.
View Peg's presentation: [PPTX] [PDF]

July 12 Navigating School Politics & Cultivating Positive Change - Lauren Szymanski

Lauren talked about how she started a PLC book club to build community and cultivate emotional resilience.
View Lauren's presentation: [PPTX] [PDF]

July 15 Weekend Outreach - Anne Paoletti-Bayna & Suzanne Alejandre

Anne and Suzanne talked about the plans for the 2019-2020 Weekend Outreach.
View their presentation: [PPTX] [PDF]

July 15 Living Proof: Stories of Resilience Along the Mathematical Journey - Darryl Yong

Last month, the AMS and MAA published a collection of personal stories entitled "Living Proof: Stories of Resilience Along the Mathematical Journey", edited by Allison K. Henrich, Emille D. Lawrence, Matthew A. Pons, and David G. Taylor.

This free book features an illustrious and diverse set of authors. The stories are organized in four common sections: Part I is about what it feels like when mathematicians encounter difficulties in their work, Part II contains stories of mathematicians struggling to belong in math, Part III is about learning how to persevere through difficulties, and Part IV has stories of how people try to integrate their mathematical identities with the rest of their lives.

This could be a useful resource as you work toward making mathematics a more rehumanizing experience.

July 16 Mathy Art - Teresa McCarthy

Teresa talked about how she developed a geometric art camp.
View Teresa's presentation: [PDF]

July 16 PCMI Teacher Exchange - Lauren Szymanski & Max Olivier

Summary: Max and Lauren introduced the idea of the Teacher Exchange.
View their presentation: [PDF]

July 17 How the Internet Made Me a Better Teacher - Dylan Kane

View Dylan's presentation: [PDF] [PPTX]

July 17 Choice Boards - Noel Galang

View Noel's presentation: [PDF] [PPTX]

July 18 One More Look at PCMI TLP - Suzanne Alejandre

Suzanne gave a few more tips/hints of how to navigate the website. She said that if anyone needs help once they are home, just tweet questions to @sumaczanne or send email to her.

July 18 Slack - Cal Armstrong

Cal encouraged TLP participants to use Slack and Facebook to stay in touch once our summer session has come to a close.

July 19 Magic and Shuffling - Karan Srivastava

Karan showed how you can use simple shuffles to create magic.

July 19 Peace, Love, Math, Tacos - Monica Tienda

View Monica's presentation: [PDF] [PPTX]

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