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Note: This year I'm presenting this as a 5-minute short. Feel free to revisit this page when you have time! If you have questions, I'm happy to chat this week in Park City or respond in email later.
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The Secondary School Teachers Program is structured around three goals: all teachers should continue to professionalize their work by

  • continuing to learn and do mathematics.
  • analyzing and refining classroom practice.
  • becoming resources to colleagues and the profession.

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The Secondary School Teachers Program (SSTP) is structured around three goals: all teachers should continue to professionalize their work by
        continuing to learn and do mathematics
        analyzing and refining classroom practice
        becoming resources to colleagues and the profession
The SSTP is organized around three strands related to these goals and is enriched by additional activities tailored to specific participant needs and by programs involving other components of the PCMI community.

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development of the site starting in 2001
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