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Barb Lynch organized an evening event to provide TLP participants with a forum to share and learn about interesting and creative things that people do in their classrooms.

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Trish Chris Wendy

Trisha Stephens
What Test Scores Might Not Tell Us: Using Student Interviews for RTI
     download Trisha's file: [PPTX] [PDF]

Chris Bolognese
Getting Started with Plickers
Plickers is a fun, easy, and FREE way to incorporate formative assessment in your instruction. We will quickly look at how to get started with Plickers in your classroom.
     View site: [Plickers]

Wendy Menard
The HOTs n LOTs Assessment
I developed a differentiated end of term assessment for a struggling geometry class which involved a huge choice board and assignments covering a range of challenge to meet the range of my students' needs and abilities.
     download Wendy's file: [PPTX] [PDF]

Click on photo to view larger.
Marty Benjamin Anne

Marty Schnepp
Rates vs. Amounts
I will share an activity I have used for many years in my AP Calculus classroom to assess student conceptions of rate, to help them generate new, more sophisticated conceptions of rate, and to generate computational methods for accumulating quantities (numerical integration).
     download Marty's PowerPoint file: [PPTX] [PDF]

Benjamin Walker
Student Teaching
Students are, generally, the most amazing resource we have in our classroom. Building a culture of Student Teaching is one way to tap that resource, while increasing student-to-student accountability and student-led discourse.
     download Benjamin's file: [DOCX] [PDF]

Anne Paoletti
8th Grade Statistics Project Implemented at Clearview Middle School, Mullica Hill NJ
Clearview Regional's 8th Grade math team tried a new statistics project from that students loved, enriched them as marketplace problem solvers and even enticed corporations to respond back with tasty treats!
     download Anne's PowerPoint file: [PPTX] [PDF]

Click on image to view larger.
Benjamin and Ben's PDF

Benjamin Walker/Ben Hyman
Geometry Tasks That Can't Be Pigeonholed
We use a particular form of assessment in our geometry classes which we call "synthesis tasks." We'll demonstrate such a problem, and share our motivations behind this form of assessment.
     download Ben and Benjamin's file: [PDF]


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