International Panel:
Bridging Policy and Practice

A Focus on Teacher Preparation

Reflections from the 2002 Park City Mathematics Institute International Panel on Policy and Practice in Teacher Education

14 - 18 July 2002

Institute for Advanced Study

Joan Ferrini-Mundy, Gail Burrill, Glenda Breaux (Editors)

This report is the product of an international seminar on mathematics education held at the Park City Mathematics Institute on 14-18 July 2002 at Park City, Utah under the auspices of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey.

View the file online using the links from the Table of Contents or download the report in its entirety: MS Word file.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements page 3
Part I: Summary of Participants' Presentations  
        Introduction page 5
        Background page 6
        Cross-National Summary Tables of Pre-service and In-service Education page 10
        Presentation & Discussion Summaries page 18
                Presentation 1: Brazil page 19
                Presentation 2: Sweden page 25
                Presentation 3: Egypt page 30
                Presentation 4: Kenya page 35
                Presentation 5: France page 37
                Presentation 6: Japan page 43
                Presentation 7: India page 46
                Presentation 8: USA page 57
        Conclusion page 64
Part II: Cases of In-service Teacher Education via Collaborative Communities  
        General Introduction page 66
        A Note on the Basic Methodology Used page 67
        Overview of In-service Teacher Education via Collaborative Communities page 68
        Case Studies of the Situation in Various Countries  
                Case 1: Brazil page 75
                Case 2: Egypt page 78
                Case 4: India page 86
                Case 5: Japan page 90
                Case 6: Kenya page 99
                Case 7: Sweden page 102
                Case 8: USA page 104
        General Conclusions and Implications page 107
        Appendix A Meeting Agenda page 111
        Appendix B Roster of Participants page 114
        Appendix C Handouts from Swedish Presentation page 116
        Appendix D Handouts from Indian Presentation page 122

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