Piero della Francesca

The Legend
of the
True Cross

San Francesco, Arezzo, Italy

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Piero della Francesca's fresco cycle--one of the most important monuments of Early Renaissance Italian painting--is presented here, on-line in a 3-D walk-through interactive model. Created by an art historian, three computer graphics experts, and a photographer, the model offers movement through the space of the chapel in any direction to view the paintings, some of which are more than forty feet above the floor. Navigation is directed by manipulating a mouse, or simply clicking through a "guided tour" that traces the complex narrative path in chronological sequence. Audio commentary clicks on and off. Behind each visual field are astonishingly beautiful high resolution images brought up with a click of the mouse for detailed viewing. There is no other computerized art historical presentation of comparable visual quality and scholarly depth. It is offered free of charge.