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July 1 Tour - Suzanne Alejandre

Suzanne gave an overview of the PCMI@MathForum site using the Getting Started page.

July 5 PCMI YouTube - Chris, Cindy, Dylan, Justin, Matt, Shireen

The YouTube group gave a pitch for what they are working on.
What you can do to help?
  1. Capture video and photo and post here:
  2. Complete a very quick survey about how you learned of PCMI:
  3. Volunteer to do a teacher testimonial video.
Download his file: [PPT] [PDF]

July 5 Participatory Sensing (PS) - Robert Gould

Robert introduced his project and invited all interested participants to join him this afternoon at 4:30 to talk more in detail. Download his file: [PDF]

July 6 University of Washington Credit Process - Jim King

PCMI participants can sign up for 6 quarter credits of Math 497 from the University of Washington. Jim King explained the University of Washington credit process. A copy of the form can be downloaded here: [PDF]
Information can be found here: [PDF] ||

July 6 NCTM - Fred Dillon

Fred joined us remotely to give a presentation about NCTM and the many opportunities available. Download his file: [PPT] [PDF]

July 7 Teacher2Teacher (T2T®) - Matt Larson and Suzanne Alejandre

Matt Larson, President of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and Suzanne Alejandre, Senior Project Manager at the Math Forum at NCTM, talk about the beginning steps of the merger. Teacher2Teacher (T2T®) is ready for questions!

July 8 PCMI TLP Weekend Experience: Scaling the Teaching Curve - Nicole Hansen

A weekend workshop where you will do mathematics, think about teaching and share in professional development activities. Experience the Teacher Program of the Park City Mathematics Institute (PCMI) during the academic year.
Download her file: [PPTX] [PDF]

July 11 Teachers and the MAA - Brian Hopkins

Brian described some classroom resources available from the Mathematics Association of America. Download his file: [PDF]

July 11 Practice Tic-Tac-Toe - Kayleigh Rose

Strategy for situations where repeated practice is required and a worksheet just won't cut it. Goal is for students to achieve tic-tac-toe, or fill the entire board, by successfully completing carefully selected problems. Students can monitor their progress, can work at their own pace, and are motivated by the competitive nature of the result. Students reflect on their own work to find mistakes and can collaborate during the process. This also serves as aa formative assessment of understanding where teachers can act on immediately.

July 12 Short Announcements - Chance, Danny, Lisa

Lisa: Mini Twitter Math Camp Announcement

July 12 PCMI Social Media - Monica Tienda

Who is on Instagram? PCMI isn't yet. Want to help? Put PCMI-themed photos on your Instagram and use the hashtags #PCMIsummer and #PCMI2016.

July 12 Global Math Department - Sahar Khatri

Global Math Department (aka MTBoS) is a network of educators across the US and Canada. It's a community that learns, shares, and supports one another through twitter, blogs, online resources, and at times in person. It has had a major impact on the first 3 years of my teaching. I'd also be sharing how educators at PCMI can get involved and begin connecting with the math ed community through a virtual medium.
Download her file: [PPTX] [PDF]

July 13 Passion for Math - Troy Jones

Troy shares an example of an Ignite session, a 5-minute flurry of 20 slides advancing every 15 seconds, where he shares has passion for math.
Download his files: [PPTM] [PDF Notes]

July 13 Student Achievement Partners - Anne Paoletti

Student Achievement Partners has a growing number of teachers joining the Core Advocate network. This is a great way for PCMI teachers to stay connected with other leaders in education.
Download her file: [PPT] [PDF]

July 14 Math Practices - Gail Burrill

Download her file: [PPT] [PDF]

July 15 Math Teachers' Circles! - Chris Bolognese

Chris talked about Math Teachers' Circles.
View his presentation: [Google doc]

July 15 SolveMe Puzzles - Bowen Kerins

Bowen demonstrated some of the puzzles that are part of this site:

July 18 Three Act Math - Chris Watts

In this five-minute short, I introduce the benefits of three-act math, a teaching device pioneered by Dan Meyer, where students encounter math in a low entry / high ceiling environment. I demonstrate two iterations of this process, one used by him and one I've created while participating during a Math for America Professional Learning Team. Observers will also be provided resources for viewing pre-made three-act math templates.
Download his file: [PPTX] [PDF]

July 18 One More Look at PCMI@MathForum - Suzanne Alejandre

Suzanne gave a few more tips/hints of how to navigate the website. She said that if anyone needs help once they are home, just tweet questions to @sumaczanne or send email.

July 19 Twitter Math Camp (TMC) - Dylan Kane

Dylan talked about Twitter Math Camp, including a new feature of Desmos.
Download his file: [PPTX] [PDF]

July 19 Markov Chains and Carol - Darryl Yong

Darryl and friends gave tribute to Carol Hattan.
Download his file: [PDF]

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