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Stories that Count class notes by Bowen Kerins, Ben Sinwell, and Ryota Matsuura (PROMYS)
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Mimio Board Notes
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Day 10 | Day 11 | Day 12 | Day 13 | Day 14 | Day 15

Morning Solutions
Train Length Problem - Gene Shiau's Solution
Consecutive Coin Flips - Connie Savoie's Solution

Reflection on Practice Class

Mimio Board Notes
Day 3 | Day 5 | Day 11

Census Bureau: Population Pyramids
The History of Math Word Problems - Ann's Humor List
Resources for Research
Presentation: 10th International Congress on Mathematics Education [view PowerPoint on Web] [download PowerPoint]
Resources for "Problems" Assignment

Assigned Reading
How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School
Working Inside the Black Box
Constructing a Personal Understanding of Mathematics: Making the Pieces Fit
Unveiling Student Understanding: The Role of Questioning in Instruction

July 12: Foresters
July 13: Solutions to Foresters
July 13: [MS Word download] Foresters problem w/ matrices - John F. Mahoney
July 13: Questions students asked about the problem
July 13: Forester Problem Two - homework due 7.15.04
July 16: [Excel download] Mike's file for Forester Two
August 24: [MS Word download] Foresters Problem Two - John F. Mahoney
July 19 - 23: [MS Word download] Research Questions
July 23: Research Question Reports [password required]
July 26: "Problems" Assignment [view PowerPoint on Web] [download PowerPoint]
July 28: "Problems" Assignment, Part 2 [view PowerPoint on Web] [download PowerPoint]

Afternoon and Evening Activities
July 13: Mathematicians working with teachers in California: The ACCLAIM Experience - Tom Roby [download file from Roby's website]
July 13: Drawing and Building Polytopes - Komei Fukuda
July 16: What in high school math courses promotes (or does not promote) success in university courses? - Richard Hill and Sharon Senk [related papers on Hill's website]
July 19: Math Forum presentation - Suzanne Alejandre
July 19: Three-Dimensional Ring - Marcia Bollwage
July 19: Kite Notes - Art Mabbott
July 20: Origami and Polyhedra - Art Mabbott
July 20: [MS Word download] - Robots - John Mahoney
July 27: Luis Hernández - Education in Ecuador
July 27: 120 Cell - Cathy Kriloff

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