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Morning Shorts 8:20-8:30 morning presentations

Math Content Class: Sums and Differences class notes
by Bowen Kerins, Ben Sinwell (PROMYS), and Brian Hopkins
    Week 1 || Week 2 || Day 9  PDF files
    Day 10 || Day 11 || Day 12 || Day 13 || Day 14 PDF files
    TI-89 Notes on Algebra  || TI-89 Notes on Taylor Series  text files

Reflection on Practice Class:

  1. How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School - the required reading
  2. The video of keynote speaker Judith A. Ramaley at NCTM in San Antonio
  3. A Review of Research on Teacher Preparation
  4. Inside the Black Box: Raising Standards Through Classroom Assessment
  5. The Mathematical Education of Teachers
  1. June 30: Is a Teacher a Mathematician?
        View PowerPoint Presentation or download it.
        PCMI Discussion
  2. July 1-3: Farmer Jack
        View PowerPoint Presentation or download it.
        PCMI Problem
        Debriefing Notes MS Word
  3. July 7-8: Car Boat Problem
        Participant Solutions
        Car-Boat-Questions.doc MS Word
        PCMI Problem
  4. July 9-10: Research Questions
        Research_Questions.docMS Word
  5. July 11 & 14: Research Question Reports
        Reports (password required)

Afternoon and Evening Activities:

  1. Kite Notes - Art Mabbott
  2. Conway Pencil Model Workshop - Charlie Schwartz
  3. Straw Polyhedra - Charlie Schwartz
  4. Origami - Peg Cagle, Art Mabbott, David Kapolka
  5. The Real Hyperbolic Plane - David Wright
  6. Tensegrity - Charlie Schwartz
  7. Probability Simulations - David Kapolka
  8. Fourth Counting Formula - Brian Hopkins [download RTF (text) file]

Other Activities:

  1. Celebrating Birthdays
  2. The Math Forum Connection - Suzanne Alejandre
  3. Assembling Tensegrity! - Parade Committee

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